Commencing Monday 5th June.

Monday      6pm to 7pm  full pool
Monday      7pm to 8pm  half pool
Tuesday     6pm to 7pm  full pool
Wednesday   8pm to 10pm full pool
Thursday    6pm to 7pm  full pool
Friday            5.45pm to 7.15pm  full pool
Sunday            1.30pm to 5pm     full pool

Please note Mondays session of 1 hour extra compensates for the loss of
Thursday 9pm to 10pm session.
                         Tuesday full pool will accommodate swimmers who
used to swim at John Leggott on Fridays.
                        Wednesday currently 8 to 10 will be 6pm to 8pm in
July sometime, you will be informed in due course.
                         Thursday has moved by 15 minutes.
                        Sundays will be 1.30 to 3pm & 3pm to 5pm.
Anyone experiencing problems with the new times should contact Andy Snowden.