What Are the Best Slots to Play For Money?

What Are the Best Slots to Play For Money?

When playing an online slot machine, you are always going to have a certain expectation of the payback percentage. It is within the realm of your expectation because you are playing online slot machine games, online video poker, or online bingo with your friends. The question becomes, what are the best slots to play for money? This question is not as easy to answer because it really depends on your own personal judgment.

Here is what I think the best options are:

1. Passive machines -You will not win any draws, so this is a great machine to play. These machines only pay on one arm – the arm on which the reels are, so you can rest assured that the person playing does not expect to win. These are the machines that I recommend.

2. Hitting the bells on a scatter and jackpot pay machine -You can rest assured that someone has made a lay bet on these machines, and if the bells sound, the machine will not come up as the jackpot because the person hitting the bells wants it to happen. However, the person winning on these machines is in luck, because they are not playing alone.

3. dfJ slots -Best for middle schoolers. Each piece of currency is equivalent to 100 credits. Players can win tokens and get lucky if they match three in a row. The machine will not light up or offer a bonus for this. This is a good machine to play, especially for beginners, but again, the odds are not in the house’s favor.

4. Combo machines -These are the most popular in the world. They seem to offer the perfect balance of odds and payouts. The machine has a very small top jackpot of payback percentages, but the odds are much better than those on other machines. Some have very high payout percentages, but the odds are very high. The machine is like a slot machine in that you are betting against it.

5. EZmatch -These machines are wonderful for people who have no money at all and no way to carry their credit with them. All you have to do is match three. There is no top jackpot, but the odds are very good and if you are a young girl, she may be the luckiest person at the club.

6. Bingo palace slots – definitely not for people who like to think of themselves as gamblers. The numbers get programmed to show a certain percentage of payout. So if you match a pattern on a slot machine, you are predicting a payout of 98.5%. It might look like a sure thing, but the odds are in the hands of the company that sets the payout percentages.

7. GR8Games -These are very similar to GR5 machines, but again, only offering coins vs tokens. The coins offer a very low payout percentage of 40.5%, so players are not as likely to win as much as those who play for tokens. But the real power of these machines is in the bonus games. In the bonus games, players can usually get double or triple payout percentages. That is, if you play the machine long enough, you may actually be in for a loss instead of a win!

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